LOVELove is not to make others stay close to you.
Love is not to make other people depend on you, so they do not leave you,
or please others so they like you.

Love is being honest to yourself and enjoy your relationship with your spouse, family, children, and friends,
letting them freely because they know that there will always be people who love you.

Love means to care for others unconditionally.
Love also means loving yourself and feel comfortable you are among your own friends.

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loveThe major cause unhappiness is not a bad situation faced by our own, but thoughts about the situation that emerged. Then, they should be aware of and wise with thoughts itself so that it will not imprisoned in mind a negative make themselves are not happy.

Love is a way of thinking that allows a person to be wise in responding to each situation so that it is always ready to be present to be concerned. Their hearts are touched with love will actively raising intuition to respond to the attitude wisdom and in peaceful solutions to issue an intelligent and thoughtful to respond to situations.

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love2There is love. the story flows.
and its absence will end … long story this one’s journey in life.

There is love.
And we look for it .. need it.
But often not quite believe it.
do not believe in love.
till we still want evidence and witnesses ..
then …

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